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Greater New York Area

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Femcho* Mission


The femcho* organization, through a unique combination of fitness and interactive discussions, works with girls to become the best version of themselves. 


Femcho* Vision


Our vision is that femcho* creates a ripple effect of female empowerment, confidence, and compassion throughout the country. In developing these qualities, girls will become leaders and successful members of society and continue to affect everyone they come into contact with in their lives. 

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Workshops for Girl Scouts


Our relationship with the Girl Scouts is very important to us. We offer and have designed femcho* 

programs from Daisies to seniors. We will come directly to your meeting place. We can combine

different troops together to include many different ages. The entire council can and are always

encouraged to participate. We will help girls earn official femcho* patches for participating girls

scouts. We offer a single session or an extended session where we can get to know the girls and

really explore different topics. The femcho* company will provide certified facilitators and professional

development for faculty.

For additional information fill out this form!

School Programs

Our school programs are tailor made for each and every school. We are available for any grade kindergarten through twelfth grade. We can help create a program that lines up with the school curriculum. The program can be an after school activity or summer program. We offer our brother program Bro-cho; so the program can be coed or single sex. Anyone can set it up! A teacher, event coordinator, and even the P.T.A. We have done a single workshop in the setting of an assembly- our extended programs also include choreographing their own dances with our talented facilitator. For pricing and additional information click here. 

Camp Programs

Our camp programs are specifically tailored to your camp's needs. We can help create a single program, or extended program that will have your kids dancing, talking, and creating memories and even their own dances. We are available for ages 5-18. We offer or brother program

Bro-cho; so the program can be coed or single sex. For more information on Bro-cho click here. For additional information contact us here. 

Professional Development


If you are looking for an exciting and enlightening way to exercise and get to know your coworkers. We will create a specialized syallabus for your professional environment. With the help of our incredibly talented facilitators we will exercise and have a great time. For more information fill out this form and we can discuss the options. 

Private Parties


Our workshops are fabulous for birthday parties, graduation celebrations, family reunions, or any other occasion! We will come to you anywhere to make your party memorable and unforgettable! Our professional, trained facilitators ensure your child’s supervision and encourage everyone’s participation bringing the fun level to a maximum.  Every party is unique & methodically planned to make sure the birthday girl enjoys every moment. We’ll show-up, set up, rev the kids up and when we’re done, we’ll clean up! 


With many unique and exhilarating options, we can help you entertain five people, or five hundred. And, with a femcho* package for every budget, we’re experts at providing big-time fun without the big-time price tag. Have an unforgettable time with our included activities such as dancing and goody bags and other options like T-Shirt Design, Purse Creations & Smoothie-making!

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