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       Femcho* is a customized fitness and education program that encourages girls, grades K-12, to become the best version of themselves through physical activity, interactive discussions, and compassionate conversations with their peers. Our vision is that femcho* will create a ripple effect of inspiration, confidence, and character among females everywhere on and off campus. The femcho* formula consists of dance/fitness, girl-talk, and a confidence-building compliment circle. femcho* girl-talk is a guided discussion that takes place in a safe and nurturing environment. Girls reflect and bond while sharing without any judgment or criticism.

      The femcho* program can be brought to any school. We can provide programs for one class or the entire school. Our program creates character building, mindfulness, acceptance of diversity, healthy relationships, positive body image, and stress management. Femcho* has been featured in various media outlets throughout the Greater New York Area. The femcho* program is offered as a single session (an assembly), or extended series (ongoing as part of the curriculum or as an after-school activity) through different modules, including leadership, anti-bullying, confidence, stress management, and health.

       Our trained facilitators will work with your school's goals to create a program that best aligns with your schools mission. 

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