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Our Program Modules

ORIGINAL: Confidence

feminine, energetic, mindful, confident, healthy, original

This program is geared towards building self confidence as well as embracing one's own uniqueness and the originality of others.


#friendshipformula: Anti-bullying

friendship, equality, mindful, compassionate, honesty, open-minded

This program helps girls to value who they are as friends, and to explore the qualities of who their own good friends are. In this age of cyber-bullying and social media, girls need more than ever, to associate with friends that they can trust and learn how to be in healthy relationships.

#brainbeauty: When Your Intelligence Makes You Glow

fierce, education, motivation, confidence, health, opportunity 

With our girls having incredible access in STEM programs our goal is to create a program that helps cultivate habits that will help them succeed every day.  Participants will do dance/fitness moves to popular music, bond with other girls, make new friends and have peer appropriate discussions in a safe and nurturing environment.


flexibility, energy, meditation, chill-out, happy, openness

Balance in life is essential for good health and happiness. Girls are more stressed-out than ever. This program encourages girls to relax and de-stress through physical and mental exercises.


feminine, energetic, mindful, confident, healthy, original

Maintain your faith in yourself, while being mindful of how others are being affected by your words and actions.

LEADERSHIP: What You Need to Lead

fierce determination, enthusiastic, masterful, confident, humble, optimistic

This program helps to prepare girls to become our future leaders.  Girls are encouraged to lead from the heart, in their own personal style. Whether girls are inspired to beome  the future leader of a household (stay at home mom), or the leader of a corporation or country, all are respected equally.


ATHLETIC: Compassionate Competition

fitness, endurance, muscularity, coaching, healthy, olympian

This program promotes healthy competition and good sportsmanship, either with oneself or as a team. Girls discuss the aspects of fitness and the importance of being healthy. The movement portion of this programs focuses on exercise, games and sports related drills



feeling good, energy, meal planning, choices, health, on-track

This program encourages girls to explore the connection between healthy eating and feeling alert and energetic. Girls are encouraged to participate in nutritious family meal planning, and learning how to make better food choices.


SUCCESS: For Girls at Risk

foundation, education, mentoring, challenges, hopefulness, opportunity

This program is geared towards girls who may not have come from intact families and who need skills to succeed. By building new foundations and valuing education, they have a greater chance to believe in themselves and advance.  


TRANSITIONS:  Move Smoothly Through Life's Phases

facing fears, emotions, milestones, courage, hopeful, optimism

Girls and women are always in transition. Whether it be changing schools, or developing bodies, this program encourages girls to move forward with courage and optimism.

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