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Participants will warm up and
“break the ice” with non-competitive physical moves that promote strength, endurance, and stamina. Followed by frank discussions in a safe, trusting environment, boys and teens will develop brotherhood, respect, opportunity, character, health and optimism. This will foster
confidence in who they strive to
become as young men.

femcho* and Bro-cho are customized fitness and character development programs that encourages youths, grades K-12, to become the best version of themselves through fun physical activities and guided interactive discussions. Our mission is that femcho* and Bro-cho will encourage healthy choices that will foster tolerance, kindness, stress management, mindfulness and confidence . Our formula consists of 30 minutes of dance/fitness, 30 minutes of peer-talk, and a confidence-building compliment circle. Participants reflect and bond while sharing without fear of judgment or criticism. femcho* and Bro-cho can be offered at schools as an assembly or an after school program. Our programs can also be adapted for a PTA fundraiser or event for adults.

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